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work reading • do you know that now? Hell he could write about navel lint and I’d read it.

worth reading • CNN/AP has a nice write up on Sarah Vowell and her new book Wordy Shipmates, which by the way i read and seriously rocks.

worth hearing • NPR’s Remembrances of Studs Turkel , Always appreciated a good interview.

worth hearing • NPR’s appreciation of Tony Hillerman

The new ‘guys’ moved in today.. guys – the kind that I have shoes older than… you know the kind where the 1st thing they hang over the 150 year old fireplace is a mirrored Budweiser sign? Yeah, totally harmless. I told them I didn’t care what they did as long as it wasn’t permanent. and the 1st one that calls me ‘Mam’ loses a testicle.

In case anyone cares, I am reading Hotel Babylon by anonymous, about how the idle rich spend their money and waste their time. I’m making soups…lots of soups…cheap to make, filling to eat, Leek and Potato, Bean, Chili – I remember how from the last recession…buckle up baby boomers it’s going to be bumpy.

BTW – check out the Fall is you are looking for something to see, but you MUST watching it on a big ass color tv….bigger the better, it’s really pretty.

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