American Radio Relay League – Field Day 2006

Yes I took saturday off and did nothing – well I didn’t exactly DO nothing, I lost a filling and and my wallet, which I spent the entire day looking for and haven’t found yet (the wallet not the filling). So basically I tried not to touch anything else vital, lest it go awry as well.

birthday boy • 1903 George Orwell, pen name of Eric Arthur Blair, b. Motihari, India, d. London, Jan. 21, 1950.

1974 The UPC label is used for the first time to ring up purchases at a supermarket.

ask a silly question • In reponse to my question from ther 13th about ‘mailing children’ through the US postal service, 1920 – The United States Postal Service rules that children may not be sent via parcel post. We have Mailing May by Michael O. Tunnell. The author’s note says “it’s true and happened in 1914. The cost was one-third of passenger fare and the postmaster classified the little girl as a “baby chick” and I think put a tag on her coat with cancelled stamps. The railway postal clerk happened to be a relative and accompanied her.”

– in from Win Schaeffer

worth seeing •
Ira Joel Haber@ Cinemage Books, has some of his work appearing in this month’s Ototliths online magazine.

something new • The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop by Lewis Buzbee, defines the seductive attraction of the bookstore. Shares not only his passion for books but also his insight into the bookseller’s trade that came from more than 17 years working in a number of Bay Area bookstores.

site to see • From a site devoted to Nursery rhymes, we get a nice little aside about the history of Chapbooks.

retreat into retro • I have been smelling this around the net for a while now. In reaction to or rejection of all the pdas and palmtops of the world, there has been renewed interest in the humble paper and pencil method. First there is the incredible unground cult of the Moleskine notebook, the trendy 43 folders – how to be more productive set have found solace in the Hipster 3″ x 5″ card PDA, and a handy fellow named Chad Adams has made this which converts 8.5″x 11″ paper into a pocket notebook. (my favorite) The Boston Globe has piece on JUST this topic – “Fed-up users are rediscovering paper”

talking head • NPR interviews prolific journalist John McPhee about his latest book Uncommon Carriers, a collection of stories about freight. Who by the way still uses the humble reporters notebook at left.

off the block • Martin Luther King, Jr’s papers will NOT be sold off but will find a home at King’s alma mater Morehouse College – if they can find appropriate housing for it.

American Radio Relay League

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