and another one bites the dust

Remember Biblio? remember AB Bookman’s Weekly? Remember Fine Books and Collections? . . . . Ian Khan @ Lux Mentis has just confirmed what I already suspected, Fine Books and Collections as an actual publication will be no more. The November/December issue will be the last, the publisher Webb Howell will be taking it online only. However this news has not made it back to Fine Books and Collections as the site still advertises subscriptions.

Not a well known fact, I worked for editor and co-owner Scott Brown this last year as an assistant and photo editor. When Scott sold his interest in the magazine this summer, myself and many others were let go, rather abruptly I thought. Terrible shame really, I was having a swell time using all the knowledge I collected up in 25 years of blook flogging.

Ian’s memento mori to the hardcopy edition is well worth the read. A book magazine should be a physical item, otherwise it’s just another website selling ad space. Granted it will probably be more profitable, printing costs have skyrocketed in the last decade and online storage is the cheapest thing known to man.

This leaves John Huckan’s with is little engine that could – his Book Source Monthly just keeps chugging along.

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