Another day another buck and a half

Another indecisive NE day of showers pocked with sunshine. As much as I wanted to stay under the covers and hide from the world, or spend hours staring at cutlery in that curious way people do, but duty called…or rather dooty, is that how they spell it? I dunno I always use the real word.

I did get a few books listed, and sewed 24 cage hammocks for charity. Hey, I maybe I can make a career of that.

In between the water drops, I took out my aggressions on some innocent 20 foot weed trees, which Himself in his self delusion of land-lordlyness, neglected to get have removed. The bastard’s beyond cheap, my apartment has a broken stove and a leaky bathroom sink, a missing window pane, and I won’t even begin to describe how the granite stairs are coming away from the brick porch, wait I just did. I wish it would stop raining, I need to take a sharp axe to something.

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