another day, another buck two eighty

I dunno what that means either, I had a friend who used to say it, but with more gravitas. I was up ’till the wee hours fiddling with code and popping antihistamines like m&ms, and was abruptly dislodged from my quilt cocoon when the gas company knocked looking for the apt upstairs, the dog went wild, followed by the cats . . . AND . . . we have snow. According to the well paid meteorologists we weren’t supposed to have snow, but we have snow just the same. On the bright side, the video store replaced my damaged dvd set of Band of Brothers, the Amazon vendor refunded my payment for the crayoned book, and I got an order for deodorizer from the New England Historic Genealogical Society – which makes me ever so smug. So, things are in balance. One of the new perks of Blogger beta is that you can blog by email. I haven’t figured out a use for that as yet, but who knows one day I may get a life and pick a Blackberry.

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