another day in paradise

. . . . paradise / bizarro world – same difference. I have to reprint this in its entirety – if I rephrased it, it would be laced with vulgar uncensored epithets. Enjoy.

Book matter referred to FBI

Livingston Daily Press and Argus (Michigan)

Howell – The office of U.S. Attorney Stephen J. Murphy has forwarded a complaint about inappropriate books assigned to Howell High School students to the FBI, a spokeswoman for Murphy said. Gina Bilaya said that while the referral is routine, it also indicates that Murphy is taking the complaint seriously.

Vicki Fyke of the Livingston Organization for Values in Education made the complaint, alleging that assignments of books by Richard Wright, Pulitzer winner Toni Morrison and Kurt Vonnegut violate laws against distribution of pornography to minors because they contain depictions of sex and rape, and obscene language. “The Freedom Writers Diary” by Erin Gruwell is also named by Fyke.

Fyke’s complaint also went to county prosecutor David Morse and Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox. Morse said he is finishing reading the books and hopes to have a decision by Monday.

Morse said one of the main issues is whether or not the books meet the legal definition of pornography, which includes books that only appeal to readers’ prurient interest in sex, and have no literary or educational value. He said the books must be considered as a whole to make that determination, which is why he wants to finish reading them first.

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