Another day shot to hell . . .

After writing my most outrageous and visited blog post in 2 years yesterday, I had all these glorious plans to sit here on my ass and try to earn my keep, however the universe had other ideas . . . or actually my mother. . . remember her? Yeah well . . she presented herself this morning and insisted that I was taking her to the hospital (news to me – as normally I would rather have root canal with a pipe wrench than take her anywhere) Seems she had a pre-op interview, for a few cancerous moles. Of course my mother with the memory of a goldfish, forgot to actually TELL me about this, as well as bring any of her RX records. There the medical professionals are asking me questions and my response is a blank dumb ass stare. See, my mother & her family (with their 10th grade depression era educations) don’t like me talking to her doctors as I have the rude habit of asking DIRECT questions instead of standing there like a moronic sheep. They think I’m impudent . . . well I am . . . but in those situations it’s USEFUL. Whatever . . . after that appt. came several more hours of toting her around pleading with her to shut up before I dropped her at a bus depot with a roll of quarters. Imagine being trapped in a truck cab with 110 pound two year old on a sugar high – who dredges up every offense you committed in the last half century and some imaginary ones – get the picture? After running through the litany of my insufficiencies she started on my unsuccessful life. So went another 6 hours of my life I am not getting back any time soon. Aside from placing one kitten and fielding a local anonymous animal abuse call, I got not one damn thing done so far today, save for putting away several Red Bulls . . . hmm . . . I wonder if that little bottle of Absolut is still in the back of the freezer?

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