Another year above ground, who knew?

Christmas 2005, –
My tiny apartment has become even more cluttered with business detritus. Mostly stuff I really don’t need but I am keeping around to make me feel secure. I still have the normal gross poundage of cats, I still grow carnivorous plants, and I am still addicted to Red Bull, but I did put 350 bucks down on some new eye-glasses (don’t think I won’t be paying that OFF well into the new year) – aside from pissing away most of my net income on a thick layer of dvds to insulate me from the real world, this year’s biggest money hole was my truck, which
in an exercise in magical realism is still chugging along (amazing the things one can accomplish with spit and denominational prayer) This year, like everyone else I’ve lost a couple of friends, and gain a few pounds, so basically except for a inch or two around the middle and a few more streaks of grey, I haven’t changed much. Sadly, My country and the world around it have changed unrecognizably. It is my deepest wish that the next year above ground is no worse than the last for me and mine and you and yours, but alas we know that won’t be true.

So, from Oreo the dog,
a clowder of cats: Felix, Tobey, David, Mama, Lucy and Snake,
our ever diligent NSA agents ,
and myself – may we have Peace on Earth and Merry Everything.

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