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today was a red letter day….the city actually didn’t screw up. They signed the contract with the rail trail contractor and the earth didn’t swallow anything. my town does not have a habit of doing things the smart or easiest way. Three years of pushing and straining has finally come to a summit. Hopefully we will have a trail by the end of the year – cause i’m tired and i have a list of other projects a mile long. thanks to my mother’s many years of brainwashing unless i am juggling 5 different things at once i feel like i am a failure. so basically i get to exchange one of the things i am juggling for another – hopefully a profitable something. we will see…i am being set up with a phone job that should earn me a few more shekels than i am taking in now. cross your fingers.

i couldn’t find anyone to celebrate with so i treated myself to a few rewards. I ordered some new socks online…oooohh… and stopped off and picked up some sushi and a topshelf bottle of port. normally i buy middle shelf port..spending about $20 for 750ml, but i don’t drink it fast enough – once you open it you should finish it very quickly…preferably in a few days..that’s more than i drink normally, so unfortunately i end up cooking with my ports and sherrys more than i drink them. What i figured out tonight is that if i am resigned to spending 20 bucks on a bottle, i can buy a premium bottle albeit a smaller one. bottoms up baby.


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