ARGH – Brain hurt

I don’t want to talk about it. but i will. Someone gave me the link to some blog hacks including a site called // which lets you catagorize your blogs by well catagory….no not for THIS fucking blog. for an online mag i am designing. And the frigging thing has no instructions, as much as i don’t usually NEED instructions, I like to give them the once over before i ignore them. ARGH…it’s taken me 2 days to figure how to make it work. Usually I can do shit like that in a matter of minutes. …i’m good like that. Always had a knack for software and computer languages…but i have not been able to turn that into MONEY in this new century.

So I am working on this other blog …. I have started adding box ads. I will add more content when i get the hang of the formatting I want – and this fucking catagory shite. Hopefully I will add 5 new blogs every week, with embedded ads in the blogs as well as the side bar adn banner on the bottom. (hint google pays you for clicks not sales!) I was thinking of adding the search box ads to this blog..but since only 5 of you losers read it, and you won’t click on them. what’s the point?

anyways…any ideas for that blog improvements and additions would be helpful. I got the blog title from a guy who started one in 03 and then abandoned it. So i emailed him and asked him for it. nice guy.

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