Art is where you find it.

Things you find while looking for other things . . . On the way home from one of the very few days of temp work I pick up (check the Puma Sneaker Line in Summer ’08 – your’s truly picked the colors . . . no lie . . . long story) I popped into the NH State Liquor store to buy a bottle of locally made wine (yes there is such a thing) and found this Zinfandel with cult illustrator Ralph Steadman’s art all over it. Cardinal Zin is distributed by Underdog Wine Merchants

“We are zealous believers in the decadent and forbidden flavors of this sinfully delicious Zinfandel. Grown from Beastly Old Vines (vines in the ground for 20+ years), this wine elicits fervent, fecund and frenzied tongue enveloping pleasures. A wine of substance, it’s a Cardinal Zin not to drink at the altar of this decadent, rich and spicy old vine zinfandel.”

Don’t ask me how it tastes yet, I bought it for the label. Personally I am working my way through a bottle of Farnum Hill Cider.

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