as seen on TV

okay okay…i know this was a waste of money even before i watch this really damning video..but seriously i wanted one… i wanted to play with it. Due to overexposure on daytime and midnight tv, i guess everyone else wants one too…i chalk it up to fear…all of a sudden our world is filled with people scooping up RFID information….and this little bugger is all we have to protect us. Yeah right.
well for me, it does what it says on the holds all the items i had in my wallet on the day i bought it. But there is only room for 10 ‘card’ items and nothing else. my cranky litttle leather wallet holds all these items plus as many business cards i can slide in before it fails to fold. I will most likely go back to my leather wallet. but I do like the feel of this little fucker…it is ever so close to the traditional cigarette case in tactile feel. I’m wondering what else i can use it for, post it notes, mini moleskines? business cards, sd cards, condoms? i think i will make an experiment out of it.

I don’t actually carry cash well not as a habit so i don’t have as many demands on this box as the fella in the video.

ed. I gave up and gave it away to someone who was tickled with it.

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