I kept meaning to write, but I went right from planting my mother to taking shifts beside my cousin at the hospice. All I bring is my one marketable skill, reading aloud, usually from books of food or travel essay. Reading aloud wasn’t particularly useful while Herself was passing. Instead I sat and sketched out a hyperlocal news site for my city. has gotten some good feedback, but the actual construction is a blur and I can’t seem to find a thumbnail image bug. Anyone know anyone who speaks PHP send them my way, i’d like to put a cap in that project’s ass.

While I have been distracted orders have piled up, floors are going unwashed, blogs untended. But in the middle of everything the US Census folks dangled a few weeks of supervisor pay in front of my eyes. My Pavlonian response to outside work is always Yes, regardless of what obstacles may exist. The local assignment won’t be a problem, but the training occurs an hour outside of my truck’s range of motion, which involves polling and cajoling a vehicle out of someone else for the short week.

Yeterday, the Mayor gave me the happy news that President’s stimulus package has money for my rail trail project’s engineering survey; which leap frogs that project from a stand still to a state of play. Despite being up to my ass in litter boxes, it’s getting thin on the ground here, as my roommates have started to die off. I didn’t shedule any non-profit events for this weekend, hence more time to read aloud.

Other cousins have migrated from my mother’s event to this one, I’m the one standing outside the group, stunned at how far we have turned into our parents. Most obviously in appearance but also in behavior, it seems the universe will always been peopled by middle aged men bragging about how much money they save when buying things. While the attendants did their thing, we all took a late night tour of the facility which is half empty and retains its ‘new hospice’ smell. Poking our heads in darkened rooms we were happily surprised at the amenties for the living that are included in the floorplan: koi ponds, kitchens, couches and book nooks. One of my cousins illustrated her transition into her late mother with her observation that the chapel was non-dimensional. Until then I thought we had heard the last of her mothers masterful Bowdlerisms, apparently not just genes are genetic.

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