auction or contest?

The long vanished copy of Book Shops How to Run Them, that I had ordered
in December, from the UK. has appeared. the Post mark indicates it was sent Jan 8th. So I owe Back 2 Books both an apology and some money. But seriously 3 months to cross the Atlantic? Perhaps shipping surface mail is indeed passé. I would have gladly chosen airmail – since it wasn’t actually supposed to come to my house anyway.

So what to DO with it?

I can either Ebay it? which seems rather mercenary or I can run a contest.

I vote for contest but I am willing to be swayed.

How many are for contest? how many are for straight up auction?

and if it’s a contest, it is NOT going to be an easy one.
I am thinking an essay contest

“Why I want to be a bookseller when I grow up”, so forth and such like.


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