august 27th – stuff that happened

stuff happened
1660 – Books of John Milton are burned by the hangman in London as a result of his attacks on King Charles II.
1841 – James Fenimore Cooper’s The Deerslayer was published.
1938 – Robert Frost, disrupts a poetry reading by Archibald MacLeish by setting fire to a stack of papers

folks got born
551bc – Confucius, Chinese philosopher and writer
1770 – Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, German philosopher
1870 – Amado Nervo, Mexican poet
1871 – Theodore Dreiser, American novelist and journalist
1899 – C.S. Forester, British author
1904 – Norah Lofts, British author
1929 – Ira Levin, American author
1932 – Antonia Fraser, mystery writer, historian, and biographer
1939 – William Least Heat Moon, American travel writer
1949 – Beatrice Culleton, Native American author
1958 – Tom Lanoye, Belgian author
1959 – Jeanette Winterson, British novelist.
1976 – Steve Taylor, British writer

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