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lilypin I hate and loathe ‘shopping’ for things i need in the real world. In my ideal world shit would just get delivered. I know i am not the only one who feels that way, otherwise Amazon wouldn’t be making a mint with their automatic delivery and subscriptions for consumables, everything from baby diapers to HP brown sauce can be delivered to your house without even the One Click of the one click system. I seriously wished i lived in that income bracket, if I never had to go into a big box store again, i’d be a happy camper.

When i do go into Home Depot or Target….i have sworn off Walmart unless absolutely have to, I nearly always get the same things over and over, Pinesol, cat food, paper towels, out the door – shopping for the sake of shopping never yields the desired results. I limit my ‘shopping’ for the sake of shopping to thrift stores and give myself a dollar limit of about 20-30 dollars depending on what i find.

But as we know i ADORE ebay, and i do shop for the sake of shopping, that’s where i am my most destructive. I have added a few rules to control any spending while still getting off on the process. I will still shop as a nervous habit and load up my WATCHING list…then i go through the watch list and delete nearly everything i have just added except for the best of whatever it is. Then every couple of days, i delete more items usually saying ‘i don’t really need that which is how my shopping for dishes is going. I like the looking, but i don’t really need to buy anything.. Whenever i give myself permission to spend 10 or 20 dollars i peek at the list and usually there still isn’t anything on it i need. but sometimes a book or map is still there that i need for work.


And sometimes you need to buy something for other people, or at least I do. I like to give things to people, to remind them that i may be an asshole but i am not a thoughtless one,

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i do appreciate it when they do something for me. A few years ago i was hunting to replace a particular pin i had lost and i found out that the company that makes the pins is, she is now my goto vendor to drop shipped a gift to the recipient. I have probably done it 3 or 4 times a year for the last couple of years. Christmas or birthday gifts as well as thank yous. The pins are between 7 and 15 dollars depending on size, and she will include a note and gift wrap if i ask her. The upshot is that i LOVE the process, i can scan through hundreds of pins to find just the right one and have it sent to the person. I get the endorphine rush of the hunting, saved the gas and time of real world shopping and managed to say thank you to someone that i would easily forget to say it to if left to my own memory.

I had already picked out these two pins. They are both the same size 3″, price 10$ and aesthetic and i sent them to my broker and her assistant, cause as we know i may end up being a prick to them in the near future and i need them to know that its nothing personal and i want to thank them nonetheless. If money were no object i’d have bought the seahorse for myself already, but then I have no place to wear it anyway.

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