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So, i let it be known i was looking at Maine…yes i realize i use SO too damn much, but since this is an never ending internal monologue you have to suck it up…. and I got a few of my friends to put in their two and three cents worth, going so far as to insist that i will like it more than Greenfield.  Being an hour closer to this area has its appeal, being on the coast of Maine is very appealling…apparently there are houses in my price bracket and i can get my solar electric system….and the location specific publishing will flourish…if i don’t fuck it up.

farmhouse1 Looking at houses in my price bracket, I found one that reprents absolutely everything i DON’T want in a house…and it just screams crazy cat lady lives here. It also has about 8 times more land than i wanted. Its been on the market a year, just because i saw it means it won’t be available when i have the chance to buy it…WHY ..good question… I had this OTHER idea in the back of my head….I think a good combination of occupations for me would be to add some sort of small scale commercial gardening to the mix. Not exactly PASSIVE income, but certainly one that doesn’t take 8 hours a day, staring at heirloom tomatoes won’t make them grow any faster..i know i have tried. Since i will have the set up money at the same time i have the money for the house, it could be a good chance to set up a small scale greenhouse and a patch of organic gardening…then put the money from direct restaurant sales straight back into the operation. This gives me the publishing to do in the downtime and the greenhouse to work on actively… i think that works out nicely together…and yes its a lot of work. I had already worked on breaking the publishing down into chunks i can farm out to assistants like the one in India i already use. So any greenhouse income wouldn’t HAVE to be what i need to live on, it can go back into the property taxes and more greenhouse materials.

That being said, i will absolutely have to pay someone to do my bookkeeping, I can be trusted just fine to set up the greenhouse and get my hands dirty, but when it comes to divvying the spoils and putting acorns aside for winter, i need a keeper.

growgreatgrub_cover_hiresBig houses frighten me, nothing is simple..they have an itch, the develop a rash and your entire lifestyle devolves into a bad sitcom.  I can tell it needs, they always needs siding in the back, it may need a roof, it may need many things…but my rule is that it MUST provide the answers itself.  I can add on solar panels on a new roof, with acreage like this, i can practically add a solar farm, along with a greenhouse so the sun provides the power making an organic solar grown product a higher value..but will it be enough to feed the house’s needs?  I dunno, the last owners didn’t make the house earn its keep, they just lived in it and cuts it’s lawn and painted its skin, and fed it like a giant baby until they couldn’t afford it anymore… i already have a house like that…but its not providing for itself, it is barely providing for me.

Will it be available in the spring? who knows…someone else may look at it and want to take on its vast empty hungry needs. I would just fill it up with books and cats and seed catalogs.

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