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I told you what you would get when I got busy: bupkis.

Sunday I was ‘appraising’ a friend’s books, that’s a generous term, I was helping her ‘get rid’ of some books. Sorting them into Keep, Sell and Give Away piles. In the end there were five books to keep and six boxes of Give Away. All the give aways were divided between the nursing home library and a charity thrift shop in the welfare district. I seem to spend a lot of time just funneling unsaleable books to various charities to keep them out of the hands of the penny sellers.

Monday, ah yes Monday. Monday I called my garage to get a tire changed only to find that I am the last person to find out my mechanic lost his lease. Having to find another mechanic is bad enough, that’s like having to switch gynecologists, it’s terrifying. But I happened to have built and maintained the website for my mechanic, and the costs of upkeep came off the top of my repair bill. I just wish he had told me before I renewed his damn domain for another year. I spent the next 15 hours massaging data for another bookseller, where his data was in the wrong format for Amazon upload. After correcting all the data inconsistencies I finally got 75% uploaded with all the ARCs kicked out.

Tuesday I was cataloging a history collection for insurance purposes, an hour away on a good day and 2 hours away during traffic, and then there was a snow storm coming home, so after a 3 hour commute I just put my feet up and vegged processing my own orders.

Wednesday, that was yesterday right? I got a shipment of orders packed and shipped, then let my sister in law scream at me on the phone for about 30 minutes about how put upon and stressed out my brother is. (no sympathy here, he put himself in charge and tells me dick, the nursing home administrators treat me like a total stranger. he can bite me. so can she.) then i spent another 5 hours revising and reloading all the Amazon data I had uploaded on Monday because the catagories weren’t quite right.

I tried hiding under the covers today. I want to rewrite the Jay Presson Allen biography on Wikipedia, it’s terribly spartan. But alas I have work calling me from my office, if I process the orders today, I can pack them tonight and post them tomorrow morning….and THEN I can take a nap oh wait..tomorrows Friday – damn.

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