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Hmm . . . i forgot how uneventful my regularly scheduled programming is . . . if there are any orders i pack em . . . list books online if i have any. . . rinse lather and repeat. But I am breaking up the day by caulking all the windows in the joint and some of the walls and doors too. I really loathe giving up hard won cashy money to the utility vampires. This year I even had the stove permanently disconnected…the idea of a pilot light burning night and day in an oven i don’t use was making me crazy. I have a counter top oven and a microwave i won’t starve. When facing a long winter’s indebtedness to the Gas company, global warming doesn’t look so bad. To be fair the weather these last couple of days was rather nice, if you don’t count the snow squall the other day…in New England we hardly notice such things..

I finally went through most of my mother’s mystery boxes and culled them down to just ‘nice’ things…yellow ware bowls, cut crystal creamers etc… I guess ebay will get some of my business…those aren’t things I will EVER use. Her clothes are the only things I still haven’t donated, but that I can do anytime. Many place still smell like her….este lauder and mothballs.

I have been putting a lot more effort into perhaps it gives me the illusion that i have a life. I now have an eye on revamping this website using the new software and collating all the practical information into findable form, and relegating all my ranting and babbling to a less prominent position. I think this used to be a bookish blog.

worth reading• From “Plagiarism-detection software was created with lazy, sneaky college students in mind — not the likes of William Shakespeare. Yet the software may have settled a centuries-old mystery over the authorship of an unattributed play from the late 1500s called The Reign of Edward III. Literature scholars have long debated whether the play was written by Shakespeare — some bits are incredibly Bard-like, but others don’t resemble his style at all. The verdict, according to one expert: the play is likely a collaboration between Shakespeare and Thomas Kyd, another popular playwright of his time. (continue reading)

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