back tracking

Look closer at the tracking info. granted I bought the shipping on the 1st and in my neck of the woods, the 2nd was a holiday, which means that the package didn’t get picked up until the 3rd. Even if it didn’t get checked in until the next day which would have been the 4th…the Methuen post office is 2 blocks from my house…where the fuck did the package go for 6 DAYS?

Granted it was a parcel post package which allows a lot of wiggle room in delivery schedules…instead of going out on the 1st truck from a post office, it may go out on the last one when it is finally filled with all the other unlucky packages. But seriously where was it for a week?

My first call was to the useless 800 number 1-800-ASK-USPS® (800-275-8777), which is the only official number the post office will EVER give you. ALl that poor Customer service rep will do is feel your pain and take your complaint, cause of course they see the SAME freaking thing you do on the screen and can’t do anything for you.

I gave them a couple of days grace where the package inched its way from the Springfield sorting center to a truck for delivery in Norwood…10 days after shipping…note: Norwood is 1 hour from my house….still nothing has happened. So today I called the semi-local post office. the actual Methuen Post office is one of those cinder block annex buildings where they may or may not answer the phone and the odds are whomever you get won’t know anything anyway.

Lurking in my phone is the phone number of the MAIN post office for my area. HOW did i get this number? well i have had to update it every 10 years when they change phone systems…but simply to get the phone number for your local postal center…head fake the 800 number people. Call them and tell them you left your keys on the counter…and you have to call them and tell them to hide them and you will be right down. the odds are you will get the number. If you don’t the 1st time, keep trying you know they have hundreds of operators. Today i called THAT number and got a guy who actually works for a living…i gave him my tale of woe and my route number 27E Methuen..and he said he’d have a talk with the carrier..note: they changed my carrier..i don’t like this one… nothing may come of this route, but i want this guy to know i am watching him. I don’t know where the box was for a week and the odds are i will never find out. Hell it could have been sitting on the floor in plain site for a week… but i can guaran-damn-tee it won’t happen again.

Luckily this was just a belated holiday gift of a worthless makeup case…if it had been a package for a customer ..i’d have kicked serious ass and taken names. As it is, the package is on the home stretch and I have had my pound of flesh.

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