bad bookseller – no bagel.

There are a lot of reasons I try NOT to buy books from people I don’t know. The fact that everyone and his brother is merely pretending to be a professional bookseller and hoping that no one notices – is number one on my list. This is what I got in the mail today from one of ABE’s booksellers – So Many Books, TN:

Author: Mann, Robert; Williamson, Miryam
Title: Forensic Detective: How I Cracked the World’s Toug
Description: 0345479416 Good condition hardcover with dust jacket.

Perhaps you can’t tell from this image, that it’s a bookclub edition – which is an inch and a half smaller than the original octavo – but luckily for the vendor it just fits into a manila envelope. Which is exactly what it was wrapped in. No corrugated board that would extend beyond the corners, no bubble wrap. Nada. So lucky for me, it was a bookclub and any damage or corner bumps would be mitigated by the fact that it is worthless. Not even a receipt or invoice.

You know this has happened to me so many times over the last twelve plus years, that I am having a hard time getting wound up about it. I am merely smacking myself in the head – I should have known better. The most ironic thing about it is that I would have bought it anyway because I merely want to read it. I just don’t like being disheartened this early in the morning. It’s bad for my digestion.

So, So Many Books, TN – I say “ye are an arsehead” and after visiting the Random Insult generator I have “you are a conspicuously repulsive half-wit but there’s small choice in rotten apples”. There that’ll fix them.

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