bad fix at the book fair

I didn’t take any good pictures at the Boston Book, Print and Ephemera Show last Saturday. I didn’t do a lot of things – I was a little harried and after going back into the house for things like my glasses and wallet, I drew the line and just left. And of course I didn’t bring even one business card or brochure – which is kinda dumb. Whenever I bring tons of these, they do me no good, this time folks kept grabbing my arm and giving me theirs. So basically I had a great time and kept the flogging of my wares to a minimum. I spent the day shooting the breeze with folks and and actually looking at books. So, I didn’t take any even moderately interesting bookfair shots.

But here’s a little sumthing sumthin I think you’ll enjoy. One of the sellers unsuspectingly had this surprise on the shelf: Cameron Crowe’s Fast Times at Ridgemont High 1st edition in pretty fantastic DJ. However some bonehead previous seller had removed the front and back endpapers and replaced them – sort of. The front had 1 ‘end paper’ glued down with elmer’s glue peeking out from underneath, and so much glue in the gutter that the page prior to the title page, (would be the half title, but only has an ornament) is glued to the front cover. Thus when you open it, the ornament page stands up and salutes you.

This my friends is a case where leaving it alone would have been 1000 times better than what they DID do. Now you have to remove badly glued endpapers instead of merely pasted down pages.

Make a note: When in doubt – leave it alone.

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