IMG_6517I am rather impressed with my ability to identify trash. We found this out on the rail trail in a remote location. It was late on a Saturday so it took about an hour to get a cop out to the location..ostensibly to photograph it before we picked it up. and by the time the cop got unlost and on location it was not only getting dark and starting to rain, but he didn’t bring a camera…he didn’t even take a shot with his phone. So my photos were the ones i sent to the Lieutenant on Monday morning. If you can’t figure it out…when you divide up your drugs into single sales packets using both bottom corners of baggies…the tops are trimmed off and discarded…like carrot tops. this is about 350 baggie tops….and as i found out on Monday…only ONE of multiple dumped bags of baggies… yeah…the MV is a “wretched hive of scum and villainy” aren’t we special.

They didn’t call me to sub this week…well the phone rang one morning but i was in dispose and didn’t pick it up. And all i can think is how short next week’s check is going to be. Now i am fucked. if the census doesn’t pick me up for the summer i am really up shits creek. ‘ My dead mother nags me from the grave to make up the missing hours or work with actual work…. So I managed to finish both the Sumatran Pirates book and put out a copy of Mocha Dick from 1839. they don’t have any local appeal but they may sell a few online. Doubtful but i can hope. truth is, i just like finding interesting titles…and i practically don’t care if they sell in the end. that’s screwy, i know. This week I  converted a few titles to ebooks, and got in a pissing match with Amazon’s Kindle people because they think that their piece of shit unformatted OCR created FREE text of Mattie Jackson is better than my .99 cent actual BOOK verison. fucktards…that’s my word of the day…

PRINTREADYReynoldsFRONTCOVERMocha_dick_1870_UK_reprintI had a good chuck of money at the beginning of the month but instead of paying my bills responsibley i managed to piss it all away… i stocked up on all my sicpress products…the deodorizer, the erasers, bone folders etc… all the things i need to fill the ever day orders that come in.  I am getting further away from my goal of having the sicpress website revamped into an efficient ECOMMERCE website.  I have it in my head that if it were more like everyone elses’ websites, i could add more products to it more easily etc. etc… sometimes i convince myself of things in order to get a goal accomplished…so far the only thing i have accomplished is to approach at least 4 different guys about ‘fixing’ the site and realizing i need to spend money i don’t have.   Story of my life.

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