ball of dough

I was feeling especially frugal last night…especially since i see the bottom of the bank account now….it still has a few spit covered coins laying on it from where i kicked over the spittoon…but the end is coming…anyway..i threw two cups of flour in a bowl with a tablespoon of sugar, a tsp of salt and a tsp of yeast…actually i didn’t measure anything, i just used my hand and a glass to pour in some water – i stirred it with a table knife and then covered it. the longer you set it sit and bubble the less you need to knead it..the yeast makes more gas and the glutens become silky.. this morning i grabbed a handful and made four tiny little fried dough balls/donuts..i still had some honey that hadn’t hardened.. just now ..which could be considered lunch by my internal clock..i took half the rest and made a single serving

pizza..which came out better than i expected…i used to make my own pizza’s all the time..but i slacked off when i discovered Vinny’s my favorite pizza ever..(they had that conveyor belt oven) but he has since retired and if i want cheese on bread i need to make my own..the probably with counter top cooking..and even most ovens is that they don’t run steady at 515 degrees like a pizza place…so i tend to make the pizza disc and then precook for a few minutes before i out the toppings on…this keeps it from getting too soggy…if you don’t precook the bottom gets soggy while the top burns and the middle never cooks…it’s a puzzlement…but today it was indeed cooked through without precooking…still a bit doughy…but cooked…i still have enough dough left for another pizza…but i am going to make some sandwich rolls…i used to make THOSE all the time when i was married..i lost that was a nice herb infused hamburger roll…this will a bit of an experiment in texture..i cut the silky sticky dough into bits and i’m letting them rise in muffin tins to get the shape. then i will flip it over onto a cookie sheet and bake them molded. We will see how they hold up. The next batch may be much more dense and less risen to get that dense sandwich texure.

if i were to do the math..the small pizza probably will come out less than a dollar…but it tasted way better than any of the frozen kind.

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