Banktoaster – DIY Reading Diary

Here, I made you something – call it a Xmas gift if you must. DIY Reading Diary – a free PDF download of an 8½”x11″ sheet that has a 2 page spread. You will have to worry about the double sided printing yourself. Because it’s only the one sheet you may not want to put more than 5-8 pages into a signature – otherwise you get gutter creep and have to backtrim the fore-edge to keep things all nice and neat. Hey, it’s free so stop complaining. Make your own 8½”x11″ cover and sew or staple the pages together and you are good to go.

• here’s something else: a bridge scoring sheet. It is just my 1st draft. It should print out 8½x11, fold it in half and then half again. That will give you 4 or you could print it both sides and get 8.

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