20110424_TennielQueeni have started four posts in as many days… i am no longer in a good mood.     Too many people too few beheadings.   Today a fella named Chuck Wedge has apparently decided to post a few of my photos to a facebook group and label them as his own.   And when i objected the local people IN the facebook group decided I was the villain in the piece because i objected to the theft.   I really hate methuen, now i am hating on the people.

Every so often when i tell someone i am moving and leaving I get that ‘people are alike everywhere’ and the ‘all towns are the same’ bullshit, which i can tell you right now is NOT true.  and some of the locals I have told, take it as a personal affront when you imply their choosing to live here shows a certain lack of momentum.   Seriously guys… open your eyes and look around…you don’t HAVE to live here, you can live anywhere.

And then there was the little bitch i wanted to punch in the face on monday…no i didn’t  i politely left the room and ranted in the back room of the clinic.  I kept trying to explain how to take care of her mother’s newly spayed cat and all she wanted me to tell her was at what age she can put a child’s head lice product on a kitten to kill fleas.  When i told her she shouldn’t she kept challenging me and saying she would…so i said “THEN WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME?”  that’s when she started sounding like an overgrown teenager, and i left the room before i knocked out some of her teeth. – gawd i hate the stupid.

And this week’s  crowning glory…and it’s only WEDNESDAY remember?  – i haven’t heard from the lawyer I engaged in almost two weeks. Finally at the encouragement of friends I sent him a carefully worded email saying if he was too busy, i would hire someone else.  Then i got an email which can only be described as  “hummana hummana”   “but i was giving your brother some TIME to find a realtor.”  which is utter bullshit, I can sit in my window and throw rocks all day and hit nothing but estate agents,  my neighborhood is infected with them.  And if i had WANTED my brother to make all the decisions, why the fuck would i have hired the lawyer?

Needless to say, I am grinding my teeth between panic attacks.  I have a couple of happier posts coming about greenfield and such, but i am stressing because now that i have set my hopes on something, i’m afraid it will all blow up in my face.   And I had kinda sworn off setting my hopes on something about 12 years ago… i have spent the last decade letting shit just happen.


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