bells and whistles

the Kindle Fire is a quasi android tablet… is the freerange operating system that combats the global domination of the ipad and iphones IOS…The reason it is only quasi, is that Amazon WANTs you to buy stuff from THEM for this device…heck the opening flash page is a rotating advertisement ….apparently you CAN spend $15 to turn off the advertisements and it is probably worth it.

Another way Amazon has the throttle cranked way back on the Kindle Fire is how it directly connects to the Amazon APP store..which isn’t the free market Google Android store …not all android apps are available on Amazon’s store…they must really want to squeeze every penny out of this device..

BUT they left the back door open..which is surprisingly very obliging of them. IF you download an Android APP from elsewhere providing is a nice virus free file you can install it on your Kindle Fire simply by dragging and dropping and clicking.

I managed to install a by simply moving the .apk files onto the device and installing them. There are a lot more changes you can make to the device by sort of jailbreaking (rooting) them…which i think makes the device much more appealing to the more creative users. ….but i’m good for now. I just really needed more mobility away from book and magazine reading.

Getting better at referencing the Evernote material which if I keep it neat and organized is perfectly suitable for tablet viewing. Sometimes i use it like a file cabinet drawer and just shove things into it willy nilly.


and for broke food breakfast….i made my own english muffins…and i think i came very close. I made an especially gooey dough last night..and fried a couple of lumps in the pan after the bacon and before the eggs. I think if i had let them cool, they would be quite acceptable for toasting. As it was I sliced them when warm and they were a little squishy but tough enough to make breakfast sandwiches.


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