Looking back over the day, I can almost not remember everything I did…packed and shipped orders (zero inbox!), faxed reorders for products, dropped off one rescued cat at the vet, rescued and dropped off another, picked up the first one, spent a few hours calling and booking spay clinic clients, and mailed some fundraising paperwork – but the piece d’resistance of my entire day, was washing the kitchen floor. Whomever chose white linoleum should die…then I remember it was my brother and I start sharpening knives….just that one task MADE my day and brought order to my life.

My year’s end is full of all these little benchmarks. I make a list of all the things I have left undone throughout the year and I do my best to draw a line under them. When I was younger I would choose a BIG task, wallpapering a room, painting a ceiling..something major that I tackle during the holidays so that come January 1st, I have accomplished SOMETHING, even if the rest of the year tanks. These days I have so many small tasks that are left lying around like threads dangling from a sweater.

Since perhaps mid-November, I have completed a few of these little tasks…I installed a child-latch on the linen closet, sewed a few buttons on clothes, ordered new brushes for carpet sweeper, installed the new faucet in the sink… My life is filled with this kind of thing, stuff that I just CAN’T get done because I’m busy. Today I shipped off my broken Fuji Digital Camera to Fuji repair. I don’t doubt I won’t be able to afford to fix it, but just getting an estimate will move the camera from the STILL broken pile..out the door. I am not sure what’s next on my list, i suspect it will be decluttering my desk…but that’s a BIG job, I may save that for Christmas.

ed. Don’t read that and think I havent’ washed the kitchen floor since last year. sheesh..i do wash that every week, it just felt really good today.

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