berry berry

i dunno, i’m on a roll…

Ain’t this cute?  $2 at CVS…it’s only melamine so i bought two for the day when the handles snap off.

it’s only about 6″ wide..i made shrimp and pasta salad for lunch and stuffed red peppers for dinner.   I am trying to eat better.   …i said trying didn’t i.

i weigh too much…not as much as the BMI indicator would have me think but too much nonetheless…one of the free apps i got with an app package was a BMI indicator that has its head up its ass.  no way am i  obese..that’s just stupid. i went for a 2 mile row yesterday and pulled 60lbs of trash from the river, not to mention hauled my boat and all its crap in and out of the yard and truck. to me the   the words morbidly obese means i am stuck in my arm chair with cheese curls in my décolletage!  anyway…nice little colander don’t you think?

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