best laid plans

weebeastie1Finally sold the Serro Scotty Trailer… the one i bought in 2001 and wanted to use to get away on minivacations..back when i had a decent income and very few pets. I only used it a few times over 6 years then i mothballed it, because my trucks kept getting older and didn’t enjoy the effort any longer. I just used it as a mental hidey hole, every time i feared my brother would succeed in putting me out,I would have someplace to sleep. A vast exaggeration but that’s what goes on inside my head sometimes.  It will be going to an older fella who will be towing it to vintage car shows…so the wee beastie will have a good life.   I knew listing it at this time of year would not bring the best price, i knew that…i just didn’t want to be so desperate to settle for less than i paid for it back in 2001.  I have been assured as a collectible it was worth much more, but seriously what the hell good is holding out for top dollar when i need to get it out of the carriage house and some cash in my pocket.  So i spent all day Saturday going over and over all the things i could do on MONDAY after i took whatever was offered on Saturday.  I got a nice hefty deposit and i will get the rest of the three grand next weekend, when they come back with their flatbed.

Needless to say i am not good with short money. It usually comes in just in time to take care of the wolf at the door and i fritter it away on silly things like insurance and gas and food. THAT has to change, i am not exactly sure how to change that but i am will do my best. Essentially the new rules i have set up for the immediate future is to put money back in to Sicpress to restock products and get new ones so i can keep generating the regular income that i need.

Getting this short money i can start slowly on a new RULE going forward.  (god my brain loves these little rules, i don’t have to dwell on decisions) There are some bills which are annual, nearly all internet related some aren’t. But like some folks pay bills on a certain day a month, I’m picking day to pay all the annual bills at the same time, the domain renewals, the hosting account, the carbonite backup, car insurance etc.. all will get paid the same day. So i won’t forget one and be caught short. I can funnel the necessary percentage of SicPress income into the bill paying account and not have to stress about it.

Getting rid of the trailer opens up a large space in the Carriage house and my brain, now that i have made that decision, it is easier to make others.  I am thinking of selling off the unrestored bicycles in the garage.  If i have a workshop to work on them instead of my living room at the new house, i can find another old bike.  But it will be easier than dragging them with me.   They are behind the trailer so that opens up a lot of  space.  When the 2005 ice storm took out the power to the carriage house, it was harder to work on bikes out there, and i got tired of bringing them into the house.  Another case of best laid plans.

inky2That’s probably my biggest possible fear of buying a new houses, especially one with a lot of problems.  a number of pople have assured me, don’t worry you don’t have to do everything at once, you can do things as you go.  etc…which is complete and utter bollocks.   I know me, i know the voices in my head, i know that if the largest things don’t get done at the get go, they would just never get done.  I would get busy with new publishing projects and volunteer projects outside of the house.   So perhaps i shouldn’t buy a house with problems, it all depends on how much i can done and how fast.  I am picturing a flurry of activity for the 1st 6 months and then my life will shift into the steady rhythm that doesn’t involve the undulating stress of going from flush to broke all the time.

I put the downpayment in the bank after hours, so on monday the game will be to see what i can pay without burning through it until the next check comes through.

INKY (pictured) and his sister Buttons are going to their forever home today.  


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