beware free stuff

Some friends of mine and i took in the NH farm and forest trade show today….whereas the others were double bagging in fact like any trade show even BAGS are a freebie. Pens, Pencils, coloring books, posters, flyers, magnets all of it is dangerous material…once you bring it home? than what? I was very very careful what i brought home. for the most part, I got a bag of cat food, and a few identification cards, stickers, some informational brochures and a nifty tree ID pamphlet. In the end my pile  was every so much smaller than other peoples. Granted that’s what the Freebies are FOR at trade shows…but how many times have you walked around a trade show and ended up throwing everything in a pile and NOT reading the items that you were most interested in? yeah every time. Hell i wish i was into pencils..there was about a dozen for of

fer and pens too. but i just got RID of some i don’t need more. i did buy a bar of Goat milk/citronella scented soap which i will find is endlessly more useful that any other doodads. And i got this very nice picture of a Harrier Falcon which was pretty awesome. I also didn’t succumb to the lure of picking up bags which were plentiful, instead i remembered to pull one of my reusit …the fold up palm sized, so i keep them in my bag for the grocery store. I haven’t taken a plastic grocery bag from a store in 4 years but i have had to replace a couple of these, people keep borrowing them and not returning them go figure..


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