I found something else I absolutely ADORE, I mean in a where have you been all my life kinda way, and no one is more shocked and amazed than me.

Evernote is just flat out drop dead deliciously useful. Basically it is a clipping program, you see something on the net you like, you want to save it for later. You select part or whole and send it to the Evernote program. The interface resembles all file or email programs: notebooks, tags and controls with a list view and a preview (it is adjustable but that’s the setting in the image) . Aside from webpages, you can save images, audiofiles, or just plain text files.

But wait, that’s not all….you can use it online at to access your files and/or download the program to run locally on your PC which syncs to the online database, OR…you can install it on a flash drive or iphone. So not only do you get a set of steak knives you can access those steak knives ANYWHERE. And you can even MAIL things to it from your email account. That is just so painfully cool.

There is a free version with a 40MB space use limit you probably won’t exceed or you can subscribe for $5 a month and have a ridiculous amount of space (500MB). But seriously where has this been all my life? If I had a nickle for every time I researched a bunch of books and had to cut and paste each result into a word document…oy vey. This thing just tickles me no end. Yes it made the research for the Rail to Trail project a breeze and lets me bring all my research with me, when I see other folks, but I started replacing all my Google Notebook stuff with it. As well as some of the blogging chores. I gotta pace myself, cause sometimes I don’t have $5.

‘scuse me, gotta go hike the southern most portion of my trail and takes more pictures. Yesterday I did 9 miles on the bike, but the terrain was not the best choice, even low grades make my ‘fat lady’s knee’ act up, I probably look pathetic, but the down hills were just vunderbar.

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