biblio heresy

For the first time I actually have an opinion about Google Booksearch and you aren’t going to like it.

I LOVE IT. Heresy I know. But for doing research it is the best thing since post-it notes and contrary to popular belief it makes you BUY more books instead of less. Well at least I have. I have bought about a dozen books in two weeks.

If I am researching someone or something, I put it into Google Book search and I can narrow down EXACTLY the book that has what I need. And if it has a substantial amount of information in it, I still have to BUY the book or at least get it from the library Because Google Book search never actually gives you every page, and sometimes you get the index, or part of the index, or just a snippet.If it only has 1 or two lines about the subject, that is usually apparent. And I can still use the book as a citation without tracking down a book for 2 lines of text.

Now I am gonna tell you the cool part. You know how you can’t copy the text from a Google book search page, since it’s basically an image? well I found a way. …I know…more heresy. If you don’t like it stop reading now.

I am not sure how to do this on a Mac. Sorry and it also involves a Microsoft product

If there are on a few lines of text you want to use but don’t want to type it out.
Hit print screen. Open an IMAGE processing program.
Create a new file and PASTE the screen image from your clipboard into the new file and SAVE it as a .TIF Tagged Image Format file.

With MS Office there is a program called MICROSOFT OFFICE DOCUMENT IMAGING.
which likes .TIF files. I had been using it to scan text from books.
Most OCR programs would probably open TIF file as well.

Open the .TIF file in Document Imaging and under tools click
run OCR against the file, then select the text and copy it into a real document.

Sounds like a lot of work and probably is if you are only saving a little text.
But if you are doing a LOT of citations from books, it saves some typing.



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