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My addictions always start small – It just started by saving the odd US author series stamp that came in the mail, then it expanded to any US book related stamp, authors, poets, journalists, educators, printers. I graduated to making lists by Scott Catalog number and trying to FIND the ones I was missing. When I found all of them, I branched off with some smaller collections photographers, illustrators and other media. And when I ran out of US stamps and expanded into WORLD stamps. These days I only have to pop into a stamp show a couple of times a year to get my fix. But then there are those late night trolls of ebay.

I can’t possibly talk about all the literary stamps available here, there isn’t even room enough for all the US book related stamps – I’d need a separate blog. But I can tell you that you can collect as many or as few as you want. The US Author Series makes a good ‘starter’ set to collect, you can even be lazy and keep an eye on ebay for a complete series. Of course the US has a LOT more author stamps than these: fer instance Langston Hughes’ stamp came out as part of the Black Heritage Series, the 8¢ Willa Cather came out in ’73, Horatio Alger has a 20¢ stamp, Pearl Buck has a 5¢, Nellie Bly has one too. A release of children’s book characters came out just a few weeks ago. Dr Seuss has a stamp, as well as the Cat in the Hat. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow has as stamp, as does Little Women and both Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer, albeit with an 8 year separation . . . don’t get me started on children’s books and stamps, I had to start an entire second book just for them.

The best part of this addiction is that I don’t have to sell my blood to buy stamps. I hardly spend $30 dollars a year on it and the little OCD demon in the back of my head gets his rush from lining up each stamp alphabetically in its place and closing the book on them (but then he gets off just lining up sharpened pencils). . . scuse me, I think I need to go fondle my stamps now. Hey YOU have your fetishes I have mine.

The US Author Series
#1773 1979 15¢ John Steinbeck
#1832 1980 15¢ Edith Wharton
#2047 1983 20¢ Nathaniel Hawthorne
#2094 1984 20¢ Herman Melville
#2239 1986 22¢ T. S. Eliot
#2350 1987 22¢ William Faulkner
#2418 1989 25¢ Ernest Hemingway
#2449 1990 25¢ Marianne Moore
#2538 1991 29¢ William Saroyan
#2698 1992 29¢ Dorothy Parker
#2862 1994 29¢ James Thurber
#3002 1995 32¢ Tennessee Williams
#3104 1996 23¢ G. Scott Fitzgerald
#3134 1997 32¢ Thornton Wilder
#3221 1998 32¢ Stephen Vincent Benet
#3308 1999 33¢ Ayn Rand
#3444 2000 33¢ Thomas Wolfe
#3659 2002 37¢ Ogden Nash
#3748 2003 37¢ Zora Neale Hurston
#3871 2004 37¢ James Baldwin
#3904 2005 37¢ Robert Penn Warren
#4030 2006 39¢ Katherine Anne Porter

Here is a rough list of World & US book related stamps in a zipped text file.

I can’t guarantee anything about it, I just keep adding to it when I see something I want.

this is the list of just US book related stamps.

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