A 120 year old poetry book, containing one poem containing the ‘N’ word…has managed to freak out some folks who think the a rare book section of a high school library should be completely sterile and inoffensive…just like the rest of their world. I just keep extrapolating this concept and it wraps itself around my head like a mobius strip. Are we to retroactively scour clean all traces of our history as if it never happened? If so that’s a hell of a lot of books to be burned …this whole rewriting history thing makes my brain bleed.

academic hysteria rears its head in David Horowitz’s the 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America.

event calendar item 11th annual Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair will be held March 18 – wouldn’t organizing for a book fair be anti-anarchy?

Eleanor Atkinson, the author of Greyfriars Bobby will now have a website of her very own.

BTW Kinky Friedman is running for governor of Texas.

the Baltimore sun has a nice interview with Richard Price who’s Freedomland is now up on the big screen.

Our own Ed Smith sent me a copy of Bibliomania: the Documentary, produced by the ABAA about the 2003 California International Antiquarian Book Fair. ..I am not sure if I am supposed to actually write a proper review...i will if someone wants to pay me – who am i kidding? i will do most anything if someone paid me. You will have to be happy with just this: Fer cryin’ out loud, go buy a copy. If you are an exhibitor you may find it redundant but it’s cool to see your friends on film, if you are NOT – you WILL learn something, if ONLY what goes into putting on a fair. I enjoyed it, it was well put togethered, covered many aspects, interviewed many familiar faces – well worth ten bucks…. aren’t WAITING for me to send you ten bucks are you?

obit worth reading: Robert W Peterson author of Only the Ball was White, history of the Negro Leagues.

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