Bibliophile essay contest – Entrant 10

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Stumbling Into Books

I’d been a teacher, an accountant, a retail shop-keeper, a web site designer. And, I was tired. So I retired. Wow, That was fun for about two weeks. of travel and two weeks back at home.
I decided I was the bed and breakfast type. Yep, I’d get a cat, I’d make good coffee and I’d tell good stories. I found a little bed and breakfast on Vancouver Island. It had an ocean view. It was cozy and cute.
But, as I walked around the place I couldn’t picture myself there. I like to sleep late, to drink coffee in my pyjamas and, frankly, cooking has never been my strong suit.
I drove into the nearby town to have lunch and think it over. Sitting at a little table sipping a coffee, I notice a lovely used bookstore next door. I’ve always been a sucker for books, and this time was no different.
I was attracted to the ambience of a bookshop and especially a used shop. The lovely bindings, the heartfelt inscriptions, the smell of books!
It turns out the store was for sale and I was in the right place at the right time.
Retired? Well, if retired means having time to spend with friends, family and strangers, reading to kids, talking about the weather and the latest read….I am there!

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