Bibliophile essay contest – Entrant #7

from Rebecca Koch

Bookstore Lover

First of all, why a bookseller? Because books are important to me. They have given me solace, led me to adventures I would not otherwise have had and to places I would not otherwise have been. And I want so much to share all these things with others! Books can help one to think and consider ideas one would not otherwise have thought of (either to accept or reject) and in the process broaden one’s horizons. I would like to work with school to encourage kids to read.

Secondly, bricks and mortar versus online: I would ultimately like to do both but my real love is for B&M. I would like to hold literacy classes and encourage children/adults to read. I would like to hold a reading night for children. What better thing to do than share one’s love of reading and uncountable worlds with children and watch their faces as they are led into a new adventure? When children are read to they are more likely to read as adults. My sons were both read to as children and both love to read as adults. To see the face of someone when they pick up a book and start browsing through it. What compares to the smile on someone’s face when they pick up a new book (new to them) or an old friend? Yes, making money and paying the bills is one of the goals but not the only one. I would like to have a storytelling night and also encourage reading that way. Storytelling is an art that can be shared at a B&M store. I would like to have local poets and writers share their work at my B&M and make the store a focal part of the community and a place for people to stop and talk, as well as to buy. These are my goals.

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