Bibliophile essay contest – Winners

You knew I would chicken out didn’t you?

NO I can’t pick a winner – I even tried passing the buck a few times and no one would take the bait; and I am usually so damn good at avoiding responsibility. YES, they are all winners, and I have a list of prizes that they will pick from in the order they were posted. [by ‘prizes’ I mean books and junk I found laying around while I was cleaning, so don’t get excited.] And I am arbitrarily picking Lahana Shaw and her “How Books Saved My Life. All the entrants displayed a passion for books and bookselling, but Lahana’s had one thing the others didn’t have “drama”. Passion, drama and books, what more is there to life?

Hey, I said ‘the’ weekend, so I took that to mean any weekend, I got around to it. 8

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