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Just occurred to me that i more often than not carry a tape measure in my pocket…don’t judge me, remember at least one pocket always has a pocket knife..or two. I actually own a few, this one is the shorter dressmaking one, I also have a nice Stanley 10’er that i use a lot. In fact I have been using the tape measure a little more that normal lately…now that i have ‘room’ in my rooms, it’s more practical to move shit around. And the flip sides is that if i am considering acquiring a ‘new’ thing, it sure better fit where i need it. For this weekend’s project, I’m going to put peg board around the inside of the empty spare closet. I have a half an idea of what i am going to hang on it…mostly items i use intermittently and don’t want stored…binoculars, flash lights, tripods etc.. I still have to find a solution to the traditional peg board hooks..because as we know they suck. i am leaning towards eye hooks and carabiners.

I measured the inside back and sides.. the back has 38″ of space for board and the side have 14″, so a quick guestimate tells me that if i buy a 48″ square piece of WHITE masonite pegboard and have Home Depot slice 12″ off, it will leave me with 36″ piece for the back and a 12″ piece for the side. i still have a small piece i can use on the other side. AND i have some 1×3″ strapping laying around for mounting. I think my mitre box and backsaw are in the basement. I wonder if i can hang those up on the wall too.

I have been feeding my “project notebook” for a while – plans for curtains, stuffed animals, bike bags, book cases, – right now there’s a design for a dog house for a wolf that needs to be built. But DAMN these thread sewn computation notebooks have become ridiculously expensive IF you can find them. I have no fondness for the glue perfect bound versions, because i seriously DOUBT will hold up to the abuse i inflict on my book. I’d hate to start having all the pages falling out. If i have a template or a swatch or an photo I can paste it inside, like a scrap book. I made a manila folder POCKET in the back for any printouts i need to keep with it. Hmm i think i found another spot for a Velcro Button

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