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I got up close and personal with the Armstrong, today
I have been using her a LOT and need to clean and tighten everything.

The steel baskets were leftover from when i used to grocery shop.
i had been afraid to remove them as they were attached to the hub not the struts. I bought the Bromleigh just to get the aluminum rack which was the right age and size.

So with the Anybody’s bike book in one hand and a wrench in the other, I took the baskets off the Armstrong. I had to actually release the rear axle to fiddle with the bolts and of course detach the gear cable. But once i figured out how everything went back together it only took me 5 or 6 tries to get everything straight and tightened back up. (bonus points i figure out how a 3 speed gear works)

I had never lifted or ridden the bike without the baskets, they made such a difference in how much it weighs and handles. canvas panniers for me from now on!

I feel empowered…no one to blame but myself for any misalignment.

Tonight or tomorrow I will put new tires on the Sprite, I have a black enameled rear rack for her, i got it for $3 at a yardsale, but i need to find a flange. i don’t think i have ever seen anything like it at home depot.

And I sold the Bromleigh in 1 day. only half a nibble on the Varsity. tomorrow i will pick up the missing brake cable and replace that. But the Bromleigh paid for the last 3 bikes i bought. Folks don’t understand you can DO things like this with new bikes.

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