bitch, bitch, bitch

I am not certain whom I loathe more – eBay or eBayers. Can I split the difference and hate them both equally . . . . yes I too sell on eBay but hating myself is boring. let me catch you up . . . I bought a new copy of Quickbooks’ – Quickstart 2007 off eBay -” Quickbooks Simple Start 2007!!! (New) ” and what I received was a used copy of 2006. I thought I was playing it safe since kwanda123( 2277Feedback score is 1000 to 4,999) was ostensibly a ‘Power Seller’ with a reasonable feedback records. However – you knew there was a BUTT coming right? However – the vendor refuses to answer my emails or ebay messages, and the phone number they supplied ebay is phoney as is the name on the account. And of course Paypal makes you jump through hoops to get a refund. Now I play a waiting game. It is pointless and maddening to try to report anyone for anything less than murder to ebay as they just don’t care —want some fun? call their 800 number – 800-322-9266 – and press the button to talk to customer service. It tells you to go online and find a link and then….and then it hangs up on you. Talk about assaholilc behavior. There is a chance I may get eventually get a refund from Paypal – which is thoroughly annoying cause I really just wanted the software. Now I have to find someone else who may or may not rip me off.

and for my second tale of eBay woe, kiddies – I splurged and ordered myself The Return of the Musketeers on DVD from an eBayer which in the description was “New, unused, but unwrapped. Bought from a HK vendor” fine – in my Paypal payment I mentioned “With the understanding that this is NOT a DVD-R” – and of course you guessed it. It WAS a DVD-R (they are the ones that are purple instead of silver) and now I get the fun of chasing THIS eBayer around and around trying to get a refund. Anyone wanna bet that THEIR phone number is false too?

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