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Do we really read more in the summer?

I know I don’t read more..but then i don’t read any less either. I do manage to THINK more about books I want to read, but I chalk that up the all those listings of ‘beach books’ and ‘summer reading’ that every the news venue publishes in lieu of actual news. Granted the books on those lists are the ‘newest of the new’…..and annoyingly the last few I looked up weren’t even published yet. The book reviewer bases their thumbs up on the review copies leaving us dangling, most likely to acquire the book long past September, when something apparently magical happens and people STOP reading and wait for next summer. Seriously except for students I don’t know a lot of people who have the entire summer to do naught but read. (Do students still read in the summer -or is it all quality time and hyper scheduled activities?) Even teachers have to take real jobs in the summer which curtails their time to read… anyone else who has time off generally only has 2 weeks in a row and if you subtract days wasted, you really only get about 4 good days of ‘leave me the hell alone i’m reading’ time.

Is this idea of assigned reading some pavlovian conditioning left in us from when we were students? Summer’s coming here’s a list of books to read. I guess folks who don’t handle books need suggestions, the rest of us already have a pile next to the bed that rivals the largest Jenga tower ever. Some of us will add books to the top of the pile and read from there, some of us read from the bottom of the pile..most of our piles have toppled over and mutated into multi-piles freeing us up to read from the middle. I like to at least reexamine my piles in the summer..since i am rearranging the furniture for summertime air circulation. Then books get a chance to percolate to other spots, depending on my newest interest.

These days i am reading quite a bit of travel essay-cycling books, I have always been fond of travel essay; those who can do, those who can’t read books written by those who have, eh? I read a few chapters then I feel guilty and get off my ass and on my bike. In winter i read mostly food essay..which have a similar effect, I read a few pages get up and cook something…hence spend the better weather trying to undo what i had done.

I do still like a big fat thriller now and then – like an obnoxiously large slab of chocolate layer cake…….but fiction reading time has dropped to nearly nil…now i lean heavily on the 10-12 disc audio books…and if i can find a few in series, he more the better. I have read my few chapters today time to get off my ass.

worth voting • from NPR 100 Best Beach Books Ever: Final Voting . a long list of title suggestions submitted by the public of which you have to choose 10.

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  1. christina July 17, 2009 at 7:50 am #

    I don't believe that my reading habits change during the summer, but I've only recently begun keeping a list so will have t give it a couple of years to compare months.

    I have noticed from other bloggers on my GReader an overwhelming lack of reading during July, but I think it's interesting that you brought up the memories of summer reading lists as kids. Because, you know, it's true, there are tons of summer lists *everywhere*.

    I'm currently reading a book for work – Naked Reading. Its premise is how to get lifelong readers, starting with tweens. Evidently one of the statistics that the author throws out there is 75% of students who graduate high school claim to be relieved that they will never have to read another book. *Gasp* Isn't that crazy outrageous?! It still boggles my mind and I deal with reluctant readers frequently. I don't know, I just can't wrap my head around it.

    I don't know if this response is all that coherent. I've been up since 6 and am only now having my first cup of coffee at quarter til 11! But your topic caught my attention and I knew that if I didn't respond now I'd forget. 🙂

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