biting off more than one can chew

The 21st century seems to be an age of avarice, much like the 19th. Plunder and piracy are the accepted order of the day. Whether it’s the last superpower rampaging thru other people’s sandboxes or a couple of guys with a crane and some time on their hands, it seems you, me and everyone we know are out to get and keep whatever is within reach.

I blame it on Gordon Gecko: before “greed is good” became our country’s mantra, limitless capitalism has always carried a stench of gluttony and guilt. How many speed boats can one water ski behind is as much of n ethics question as angels dancing on pinheads and fat men riding camels thru needle eyes.

Theives stole Henry Moore’s two- ton reclining figure for the same reasons we invaded the middle east . . . they can. . . and they figure the object in question distilled down to its base elements is more profitable than honest labor.

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