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“There are books of which the backs and covers are by far the best parts.” Charles Dickens

I was cruising around for something, I can’t remember what now….and found the UT-Austin conservation department’s site…which is surprisingly well put together.
They usually ain’t this nice.

P. Scott Brown and the fine folks at Fine Books and Collections have created Collegiate Book-Collecting Championship. Where the hell were things like this when I was in college?

technical tease: nice little heads up think piece about the Sony Reader. I REALLY want one..but i’m not sure what i would DO with it.

Bank has got some exclusive content going on their site: Confessions of an American Bookstore Junkie by . Worth an eyeball. BTW I downloaded and listened to that little Don Winslow story from the BMW was VERY entertaining.

Role call of the gutless wonders in the US who won’t publish a few dumb cartoons. My guess is that if we would do it in a heartbeat, IF we didn’t have 30,000 men and women wondering aimlessly in the middle east.

Is it Finnished? The guardian’s Culture Vulture started a world tour of Literature and there’s a lenghthy list of Finnish books worth reading…who knew? Finland one of those norse places right?

Unshelved is a nice little book related comic – even offering an RSS feed.
what’s an RSS feed?

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