black and white and red handed

stupid publisher tricks • i read about this in July on Jezebel where Bloomsbury publishers opted for a white girl on the cover of the US edition of this YA novel. I didn’t think much of it, because it isn’t the 1st time I have seen this. The character in the book IS black and so are the covers of the book sold elsewhere in the world, but apparently Americans are so repulsed by the image of black people on our merchandise, that we won’t buy a book about a black person unless we are tricked into it. Author Justine Larbalestier, complained loudly on her blog “One of the most upsetting aspects of the [original] cover is that it has led readers to question everything about Micah. If she doesn’t look anything like the girl on the cover, maybe nothing she says is true. At which point the entire book, and all my hard work, crumbles.” And after sites like Jezebel passed the news along, Bloomsbury finally started to backpeddling and is issuing a new cover (read more) but I suppose it would have really rocked their world to use a model that was actually darker than a brown paper bag. Good thing no one put Barack Obama’s picture on anything, we may not have voted for him if we knew he was actually black.

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