black beans and rice

i was vegetarian for a few years back in my twenties…wasn’t everyone?….i really need to dredge up all the stuff i have forgotten until i can make up a new diet plan..i remember the bit about making a complete protein by combining rice and beans …amino acids, etc..etc.. tonight’s dinner was a damn sight better than breakfast. pulled out my inky dinky black and decker baby rice cooker today, i expect it won’t be leaving the counter..left over canned black beans, jasmine rice, fresh guacamole and a corn salsa. all from yesterdays vegetable haul. The tostadas make a nice base…i guess this is the precursor to nachos..piles of nachos with cheese and sour cream…but not. I have enough left for a midnight snack. and i will put the rice cooker to work on red beans and rice for tomorrow. But i need to restock on hot sauce.

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