blind pigginess

So, I was kicking around the thrift shop looking for a new look and I did my mandatory unenthusiastic perusal of the book section. And peeking out between the coloring books and the BOMCs was a big fat tome, which turned out to be a 1900 German language edition of Warren’s The Household Physician for the use of Families, Planters, Seamen, Travellers being a Brief Description in Plain Language of all the Diseases of Men, Women and Children with the Newest and most approve Methods of Curing Them

Normally this book when you find it, is in English and beaten up, and without plates. But aside from being the German export edition, amongs the handful of normal litho plates, are two intact mechanicals. Cool eh?

Here are a few samples, kinda like those zoo animals flip book, top and bottom of the head each has 7 potential appearances. And there is a second insert where all the contents of a torso are hinged I loaded a ton of the images on flickr if you want to see all the guts.

This is by far the coolest thing I have found all year. And no I don’t know why i have all this blank space.

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