blog polls

i test drove 3 polls sites.
(i wish there was an index of blog add ons..mostly i amhaving to root around for them) which is SUPPOSED to be customizable but i couldn’t figure it out
so i figured it wasn’t worth the effort. which gives you a html text result. for easy tweaking
i went with this one…cause i could adjust the look the most.
i managed to fit it into the sidebar. and when it took you off the page the ads were less offensive. gives it to you in canned javascript boxes. but you can tweak stuf when you create it. I ALMOST went with it. but i didn’t like how it gave the results. too bad i wish i knew more about javascripting. i’d just make my own.

i found this site that gives the CSS code for using Blog emoticons’

but i can’t get it to work. 🙁


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