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Used to be if you liked an author you wrote them a letter care of their publisher. And unless they were local or on a tour promoting their most recent opus, you almost NEVER got to meet your favorite scribbler. Book tours have become de riguer for any book with bestseller potential. And an author better be prepared to beat their own drum and offer up his own shoe leather if their book is in the catalog of an independent publisher. With Googling of addresses and 411ing whitepages, the internet has made it ridiculously easy to reach out and touch your favorites. With a point and click even the home addresses of the most reclusive of authors are findable –[Salinger – Cornish Flats, NH big deal.] Some authors were quick to catch on to the internet-soapbox and quickly built websites to themselves:

Peter Straub
Nelson Demille
Neil Gaimen
Joseph Finder
Ray Bradbury
Matt Christopher
Beverly Cleary
Tony Hillerman
Dennis Lehane
Barbara Kingsolver

Random House has built an entire network around its author’s dedicated webpages.

Amazon in an effort to sell more books than lawn furniture is starting to offer author blogs in lieu of actual human contact.

but then again with internet publishing and print on demand…joe the meter reader and phyllis the dog groomer can be an author and you can see them anytime.

brilliant idea we didn’t really need: Virtual book signings.

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