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i have done nothing book or blog related for nearly 3 days. THAT’s how slow things are….hey, i can take a hint.

after 10 days of prep, i finally took the meeting with the Town planning office, and basically just because i wanted to bring them up to speed. They wanted me to move right on up to the regional planning office, which is what i get to do tomorrow. [do the words fatted calf ring a bell?]. i am thinking they seriously WANT a community project and it is a whole lot easier if someone other than the town does the heavy lifting. Methuen does has a history of gnawing its own legs off.

i also designed a couple of versions of the Rail Trail logo, just so i could do a Cafepress t-shirt to wear. i want to use it to smoke out some volunteers, i am desperately seeking warm bodies and specifically someone to ‘head’ the group, someone personable and dedicated, someone not rude, someone who can talk to the local gossip sheet without spitting through their teeth, someone . . . . not me.

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